SPACES aims to present conceptual frameworks and empirical studies on
economic action in spatial perspective to a wider audience. The interest is to
provide a forum for discussion and debate in relational economic geography.

Harald Bathelt,
Johannes Glückler

Managing Editor:
Sebastian Henn

Heiner Depner

ISSN: 1612-8974

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maintain full
copyright of the
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SPACES online
2014-03Trade Show Events, from Live to Digital: Towards the Development of New Competencies
Francesca Golfetto, Diego Rinallo
2014-02Using Anthropological Methods to Study Industrial Marketing and Purchasing: An Exploration of Professional Trade Shows
Stefania Borghini, Francesca Golfetto, Diego Rinallo
2014-01Identifying Worlds of Wine Production: A Quantitative Approach
Sánchez-Hernández, José Luis; Ruiz-Budría, Enrique; Ramírez-García, Susana; Aparicio-Amador, Javier; Climent-López, Eugenio and del Canto-Fresno, Consuelo